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Medic designed. Medic intended. For Medics.

Patented - Contact us if you want to license this design.

Are you tired of wearing a tactical EMS vest that was basically designed as an infantry vest that got butchered? We got sick of wearing poor quality combat medic vests that were simply not designed by medics. So, in HSgear fashion, we made our own vest - the Care Under Fire Tactical Medical Vest.

Designer Mike Silverman, has been a medic for 16 years. He's worn good gear, he's worn junk. But at the end of the day, the thing that ticked him off the most is that every medic vest on the market seemed to be some sort of generic field utility vest and not a real combat medic vest. So he designed one that finally meets the needs of tactical medics worldwide.

Medics need better features!

The MV01 was designed to provide the features medics need to get their jobs done. Some of the key features of this vest are:

  • "Blood Bucket Design" pockets (patent pending) that open like an accordion file to let you see exactly what's in your vest without dumping all of your gear or opening 25 little pockets to find your favorite gadget or device.
  • A real shooting shoulder! Why in the world do designers assume that just because you're a medic you'll never draw a rifle or sub-gun from the arms room? Puh-lease! Medics draw gear based on missions like any other operator. So we left your shoulders clear - and didn't put useless pistol pouches on them.
  • Integrated rings on the back allow you to connect a Thomas Transport Pack's Emergency Responder, Aeromed, or Multi-Purpose pack onto the vest. Use either your belt loops or flex-cuffs for a great fit!
  • TRULY integrated for hydration. We loved how "Hydration System Compatible" came to mean "buy another hydration system that fits in here" to some manufacturers. Our system is designed so you can simply yank the bladder out of your current system and drop it into our FULLY LINED HYDRATION POUCH! We included tube routing straps, and even gave you little loops on the front to hold your tube. So, save your hard earned cash and stop getting a wet back from mesh pockets.
  • MOLLE/PALS compatible! Our system is covered front and back with 1" MOLLE webbing. Got pouches? Bring them on!
  • Integrated drag handle - you have to have one. If you don't know why, go back to entry school.
  • Foam lined front pouches. Our main pouches are foam lined, which helps keep the temperature regulated if you're storing meds inside them. We also have a lockable med pouch in the right front pocket for narcs if you carry them.
  • Removable belt loops! Our belt loops are fully removable and can be positioned anywhere along the lower hem you'd like them! We felt that since so many operators have strong opinions of where belt loops should be (or shouldn't be) we'd give you the choice. You can also use the belt loops as utility straps, IV hangers, etc...
  • Horizontal flashlight pouch with modular strap. Our flashlight pouch goes across your chest - not straight up - so you can easily remove it while you're on your knees or laying on the ground. Additionally, our pouch flap can be positioned anywhere on the pouch, which lets you carry a wide variety of full-sized lights, or any other gear, to meet your mission need.
  • Two utility pouches on the front allow you store a combat dressing, small bandages, or even amps.
  • Heavy duty YKK zippers.

So, when you're ready for a REAL tactical medic vest, step up to the CUF Tactical Medic Vest from On Point Tactical Gear.

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    This vest is very well made, and versitale. I'm impressed. When I first got the medical vest and leg pack out of the box, I was ready to throw the leg pack back in and ship it back. I set up the vest first in the following way. right lower is an IV setup, the left lower is all trauma related bleeding control stuff. the two upper pouches are for me. Stuff like hand wipes, ears, sunscreen, small bandaids. A carabeaner rounds it off. The leg pack has a tourniquet on one of the outside pockets, and the other has a clotting bandage. Inside is an intubation setup and some basic airways. The only thing I thought either was lacking was a radio pouch on the back. all in all, it is very nice, highly recomended. I have 8 other guys on our Special Response Team, and they all want one now. Rich

    I am actually in Iraq right now and the vest looks great, I am considering ordering one. My only dilema is it looks like it will hold exactly how much I need it to but now where will I put my magazine pouches?

    I LOVE THE DESIGN of this vest. Having been to Iraq as a meic i woul Have loved having this vest. I would buy one as we speak but the color scheme doesnt meet the standards of the army in afghanistan. is there any way you guys can PLEASE help out with that. Spc "doc" Wilkinson 1-182 inf regm melrose mass.

    I am heading to the sand box in a couple of months and taking 7 medics with me, i would love for each of them to have this vest. It is exactly what we are looking for. Only concern is the color, any chance to get it in desert brown or ACU.

    Are you going to offer this in a color compatible with ACU's? We are not purchasing anything in OD or Woodland anymore. Our medics would love something like this if it were available in the right colors. Lt Steve Helton OIC, Operations & Training Headquarters, 1st Military Police Brigade
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